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As of August 2018, CoinJar login offers premium phone support for select CoinJar Exchange members, however we’re unable to extend this offer to all CoinJar members at this stage. Eligible CoinJar Exchange members will be provided with phone support options within their CoinJar Settings. 

If you are ineligible for phone support, please don’t hesitate to submit a new Support request with any enquiries – our dedicated Support Team is always happy to assist. 

Contacting CoinJar Support by phone

When calling CoinJar for phone support, you will be required to provide your customer number and your phone support PIN. Provided you are eligible for phone support, you will be able to view both of these details within your CoinJar Settings. 

Melbourne time. We cannot provide availability during Victoria’s public holidays or weekends at this time. 

  1. Sign into your CoinJar Settings to view your customer number, and to set up your 4-8 digit phone support PIN. 
  2. Call us on 1300 COINJAR (1300 264 652), or using our local line (03) 8518 4868. Select option ‘1’ for support.  
  3. When prompted, please provide both your customer number and phone support PIN and you will be connected through to the next available Support Team member. 

With the team members we have available to take calls, we’re confident we can take incoming calls with minimal delays, however in the case that the hold period is longer than a few minutes you’ll be provided with the option of leaving a voicemail for a call back shortly after.

What can phone support help with?

Phone support is available for any issues or enquiries that you might otherwise write in to us about by submitting a new Support request. We understand that some situations require detailed explanations that can be easier to discuss over the phone, and we’re happy to take the time to help out any way we can. 

Because certain tasks do require CoinJar login Support to escalate to another team internally, it’s possible our phone support operators may not be able to resolve all issues immediately. In this case, your request will be escalated to the appropriate internal team, and our Support Team will keep you updated by either phone or email – it’s up to you. 

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